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Eating Disorder Forum

Welcome to the Eating Disorder Forum! Eating Disorders are very difficult to overcome even with the care of a professional counselor, therapist, medical doctor and/or nutritionist. The isolation we subject ourselves to when we are in our eating disorder behaviors is a very lonely place. So let’s help each other by offering caring words, encouragement, advice, ideas, experiences, and HOPE for recovery!

On this forum the following items are all acceptable!

Ask a question about eating disorders

Comment and answer other peoples posts

Help others by describing what worked for you in your recovery

Mentor someone on their recovery journey

Share your personal story

Use it to express how you are feeling about what you are going through and seek support

What is not acceptable

Derogatory remarks

Belittling a member

Harsh statements or words

Pro eating disorder comments.

We are a pro-recovery site and hope to help others obtain recovery. Please join in and let's conquer Eating Disorders together!



No part of this website is considered medical advice. You are STRONGLY encouraged to seek the advice of a qualified, licensed and competent medical doctor, therapist or psychiatrist before starting any recovery techniques listed on this site or in the forum.

Eating Disorders Forum


Post your comment, recovery journey, journal entry or question in the Eating Disorder Forum box below. It will first be reviewed by me to confirm that everything is family friendly and then it will be available for others to comment and offer support on as well.

Any information can truly inspire someone who is just starting out on their own recovery.

Let's inspire and support others!

Support and Comments

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Life so far 
My life so far has been a terrible experience My sister has an eating disorder My parents fight an awful lot I won't tell the whole story because …

anorexic and alone 
I'm 16 years old and Ive been living with an ED for almost 5 years now. I started being bulimic in 6th grade and its gotten worse since there. I had stopped …

I am writing this on behalf of my mom, who I hope will take over as YellowSun1 after she reads this post. She has suffered with a severe eating disorder …

My Journey Part 1 
My childhood was difficult, to make a long story short. I was raised mostly by my mother who was schizophrenic and not being treated for her mental illness. …

Daily Positive Steps in Recovery 
Recovery from an eating disorder is very possible. It requires some motivation but it is very much worth it in the end. You can have a life free of your …

Request for help with a study into the eating habits. 
I am a PhD student in the faculty of science at Kingston University carrying out a study investigating dietary restraint in adolescent and adult females. …

Deleting ED on Facebook 
This morning i was doing an inventory of all the people in my life right now, those who are close to me, friends and random aquaintances and what they …

I am Human 
I'm sure many of you have played an ice-breaker game or done a get to know you activity where you were asked the question, "If you could be any animal, …

Last night, I attended a candlelight vigil to raise awareness of eating disorders, to remember those who have lost the battle, to support those in recovery, …

Am i anorexic ? 
Hi, I'm 5.2" and I'm 6 and a half stone. To be honest I think that's fat, but everyone says to me its not. I'm a dancer and dance compulsory everyday for …

My Real Story 
By Love2EatinPA www.confessionsofacompulsiveeater.com My eating disorder story began over 30 years ago when I was about 8 or 9 years old, when I …

My Journey Part 3 Not rated yet
I started going through notebooks and journals that I had written over the years, and began destroying them. I didn't want people to read what I had written …

My Journey Part 2 Not rated yet
At this point, my councilor referred me to a group for people with eating disorders. I agreed to go in hopes that it would make them leave me alone. …

dana Not rated yet
Hello, My name is Dana Warshawsky and I am a graduate student at Tel-Aviv Yaffo Academic College in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I'm conducting a research on eating …

Thanksgiving Without ED Not rated yet
I thought I would take the time to reflect on the past Thanksgiving compared to the one coming up in just a couple days, and encourage, while I send you …

Request for help with a study into the eating habits.  Not rated yet
I am a PhD student in the faculty of science at Kingston University carrying out a study investigating dietary restraint in adolescent and adult females. …

IF ONLY... Not rated yet
“If only I were thin, I would be happy If I were thin I would like myself; everything would be alright. If being overweight was the problem why do …

If I EVER Have A Daughter..( Which I Do).. Not rated yet
Unfortunatley Ed more and more is striking girls/guys even younger..so this is dedicated to my daughter Adriana. My worst fear, her getting this as I …

Lost Love Not rated yet
Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a little of my story... it was over 5 years ago now but still feels like only yesterday. I was working for a charity …

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