Affirmations that Work

8 No-Fail Steps to Positive Affirmations THAT WORK!

Cleanse away that funky energy now

One of my FAVORITE techniques to changing energy is Positive Affirmations. Blame Louise Hay ;-).

I know there are two schools of thought on Positive Affirmations: You love them or hate them. I used to be a hater, ‘they don’t work.’ ‘you can’t just sit and think life better.’ Until I realized that those are simply limiting beliefs, keeping me stuck in my old ways! (But at least I was 'right'. LOL!)

The key is to set the intention just before you start, that they will work AND to repeat them continuously. 400, 500, 600 times a DAY! Find wording that works for you, always use positive language and repeat.

Good ‘positive affirmations’ cause emotions that you feel and take note of in your subconscious, before anything actually changes externally. Therefore, the EMOTION that arises in response to your positive statements (Affirmations) are most important. If they’re unpleasant, you will question everything and not achieve the results, or it will take a long and frustrating time! Play with the wording.

My favourites:

“I am always going in the right direction.”

“I accept abundance now.”

“I completely love and accept myself.”

If you can’t muster any of those, if they feel too far fetched…try this one. It’s universal and 100% true: “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

Success and happiness will come when all your decisions stem from the affirmation (the emotions, the belief) that it’s already there. When the affirmation that you ARE successful and happy becomes the filter through which you make all your decisions, you subconscious will transform that into your reality.

Here are the steps to ensure that every day is a bright day!

Go to bed feeling good. Spend the last few moment reflecting on the good in your day and what makes you happy.

As you wake up, notice how you feel. Warm, comfortable, thankful for another day. Set the intention before you get out of bed to have a great day. Run through the day in your head (briefly) and dwell on positive outcomes. Notice how good you feel.

As you’re getting ready, play music that makes you happy. If you don’t want to wake others up, use your iPod or mp3 player. Avoid the news.

In your car, or set aside 15 minutes before you start work, repeat your affirmations. Even better if you can do it in front of a mirror. Repeat your affirmations through the day. (the goal is to reach 500 or 600 times).

During your commute, have inspirational audios…anything that will encourage growth AND make you feel good.

If you exercise or walk your dog, have positive music or audios playing.

Do what you can to maintain the good feelings through the day. If something comes along to ‘throw you out’ of happiness, give yourself a fix of positive energy. Have a ‘happiness toolkit’ ready or carry a small notebook full of your favourite quotes.

Before bed, review the day, focus on the good things that happened and spend the last few moments reflecting on what makes you happy and repeating your affirmation until you fall asleep.

The goal of this is to train your brain to focusing on the positive. As you do this, it gets easier. Don’t beat yourself up if it feels like hard work the first few days, but also don’t give up…keep going. Enlist the help of a friend or coach if you need help really mastering your negative mindset.

Those are the exact steps that I share with my VIP clients and participants from my Master Your Mindset program. And I KNOW it works, because I use this process myself, and every client who has incorporated it has been incredibly successful. Do the work, it works. Promise.

© 2012 The Center for Authentic Self Development

Kimberly Englot is the President & Founder of the Center for Authentic Self Development. She works with women & heart-centered entrepreneurs who are willing to say 'yes' to happiness, and 'no' to excuses. Author of The NOW of Happiness: Your Official Happiness Formula and contributing author in Success Rituals 2.0: winning habits of highly successful women, how she does it and how you can too, Kimberly teaches clients the mindset mastery needed to succeed in business, relationships and life! Learn more a

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